Article: The Road to Emmaus – a model for our faith journey

Newry Cathedral News

The Gospel last weekend was on the Road to Emmaus which is found in the Gospel of Luke (24:13-35). It recounts the events of two of Jesus’ disciples who were walking to the town of Emmaus, a village seven miles from Jerusalem, on the day of Jesus’ resurrection. They were discussing the recent events surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion when a stranger joined them on their journey. The stranger was Jesus, but they did not recognise him at first. He asked them what they were discussing, and they shared their sadness and confusion over the death of Jesus, who they believed to be the Messiah.

Jesus then proceeded to explain to them the prophecies concerning the Messiah found in the Old Testament, and how they were fulfilled by his death and resurrection. As they approached the village of Emmaus, the disciples invited the stranger to stay with them and have dinner. While they were eating, Jesus took bread, blessed it, broke it, and gave it to them. It was then that their eyes were opened, and they recognised Jesus. But before they could say anything, he vanished from their sight.
The Road to Emmaus is rich in symbolism and meaning. It shows how Jesus revealed himself to his disciples after his resurrection, confirming his victory over death and the truth of his teachings. It also illustrates the importance of faith and the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding believers to understand and recognise the truth.

It serves as a model for the Christian life. The disciples were going through a challenging time, struggling with doubt and disappointment. Similarly, we too can experience doubts, confusion, and disappointment in our own lives. But like the disciples, we can find hope and encouragement in the Scriptures and in the presence of Jesus. By spending time in prayer and studying the Bible, we can deepen our understanding of God’s plan and purpose for our lives.

The story also emphasises the importance of community and fellowship in the Christian life. The disciples were not alone on their journey. They walked and talked together, sharing their thoughts and feelings. Similarly, we are not meant to live out our faith in isolation. We need the support and encouragement of other believers to grow in our relationship with God and to serve Him effectively.

The Emmaus journey has been adopted by many Christian denominations and has spread to countries around the world. It is a transformative experience that can deepen your faith and provide a renewed sense of purpose and direction. During the Emmaus journey, participants are encouraged to examine their own lives and consider how they can more fully live out their faith.It is a powerful reminder of the truth, hope and healing that we have as Christians. It shows how Jesus revealed himself to his disciples after his resurrection, confirming his victory over death and the truth of his teachings.