Ministry of Stewarding

This ministry in our diocese has arisen out of the “new normal”. It is a necessity in all Churches and it is a ministry akin to the Ministers of the Word (Readers) or the Ministers of the Eucharist (Eucharistic Ministers).

Since we reopened for Easter 2021, we urgently need more volunteer stewards to help us keep our churches open. Can we ask you once more, if you attend a particular Mass on a Sunday or on a weekday, if you would be willing to help?

Duties include:

  • Welcoming people to Mass
  • Encouraging people to sanitise
  • Locating a safe seat
  • Guiding people at Holy Communion time
  • Guiding people to the exits at the end of Mass
  • This is a hugely important ministry within our parish. By volunteering, you will be helping us to keep our churches open so that we can pray safely together.

Stewards Rota

Click here to download the latest steward rota.

How to volunteer

Mrs Catherine Kerrin coordinates the Ministry of Stewarding Team.

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