Visit Newry Cathedral

Things to do in Newry: Visit Newry Cathedral

Make the Cathedral of Saint Patrick and Saint Colman top of your list of things to do in Newry

Visitors to Newry Cathedral are welcome year-round. Read on to discover how our spectacular cathedral tops the list of things to do in Newry. For all queries please contact us. Find us on Google Maps.

A gothic-revival masterpiece in the heart of Newry

Newry Cathedral is the most commanding building in Newry and is undoubtedly the most important work executed by Newry’s greatest native architect, Thomas Duff. Built in 1829 of local granite, it was the first Catholic Cathedral opened after the granting of Catholic Emancipation. The interior marble work and mosaics took five years, with artisans and craftsmen coming from all over Europe to undertake the work. The tower and transept were added in 1888 whilst in 1904 the nave was extended. Discover Northern Ireland profile.

Things to do in Newry: Gothic Splendour

What you’ll see

  • Exquisite German Stained Glass Windows
  • Majestic gothic-revival architecture
  • Magnificent Italian Marble altars and statuary
  • Fine wood carvings by local craftsmen
  • Splendid floor to ceiling mosaic work by Italian artisans
  • A first-class relic of Mother Teresa

Guided Tours of Newry Cathedral

From an outlawed faith community worshiping secretly in the wilderness to the builders of a magnificent temple, from a swamp near the riverside to a majestic gothic edifice, from Newry architects and craftsmen to continental artisans, the almost 200-year story of Newry Cathedral is full of surprises.

Our experts offer a 90-minute tour of the cathedral during the summer months (May, June, July and August). On the tour, you’ll hear the fascinating tales behind one of Ireland’s most spectacular churches. Tours are free of charge.

Guided tour schedule for 2024

Wednesday 19th June at 6.45pm
Wednesday 3rd July at 2.00pm
Wednesday 24th July at 6.45pm
Wednesday 7th August at 2.00pm
Wednesday 21st August at 6.45pm

Each tour will take approximately 90 minutes.
Please meet at the main door of Newry Cathedral. You will hear the story of the building of Newry Cathedral, 1825-1829, and of the later extensions. The history of its stained glass, marble altars, sculptures and magnificent mosaics will also be explained.

There is no charge for these tours.

Cathedral history timeline

Architect: Thomas Duff. 1825 foundation stone laid, opened in 1829; major interior decoration 1904-09, special ceremony in 1925 when all debts were paid. Sanctuary renovation by Felix Forte c.1990. Listed building.

Top visitor attraction in Newry City

In 2013, Newry Cathedral was the third most visited attraction in County Down with 200,000 visitors. Click here to read reviews on TripAdvisor 

Newry Cathedral is home to many priceless works of art including intricate wooden carvings, stained glass windows, marble altars, sculptures and magnificent mosaics which make it the premier entry in list of things to do in Newry.

First Class Relic of Mother Teresa

Things to do in Newry: Mother Teresa Relic

Newry Cathedral is also home to a first-class relic of St Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa). The relic is installed in a carved wooden reliquary that visitors may visit and venerate. Learn more about Saint Teresa of Calcutta here.

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

Newry Cathedral has earned a 2017 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor in recognition of receiving consistently great reviews.