Funeral Details

In this section:

  1. Link to funeral details website.
  2. A link to the funeral liturgy booklet template for use in requiem Masses.
  3. Sources of Bereavement support.
  4. Details of arrangements for funerals in Newry Parish.

Funeral listings website

Funeral details are available by clicking here to visit an external site.

Funeral Liturgy Booklet

The diocese has prepared a booklet containing the order of a funeral Mass, including appropriate readings, prayers etc.

Funeral Booklet Template

Sources of Bereavement support

A number of organisations provide bereavement support in Newry and surrounding areas:

Cruse Bereavement support Newry and Mourne

Support from PIPS for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one through suicide

Southern Area Hospice Bereavement Services

Archdiocese of Armagh Bereavement Support in Dundalk – open to all

Arrangements for funerals in Newry Parish

A message from Canon Francis Brown, Adm.

4 July 2022 (Updated 16th October 2023 to reflect clerical changes)

As you know there is only Fr. Alphonsus, Fr Carlos, Fr Wojciech and myself in the parish full time. I would like to ask your consideration when arranging funerals, as we have other duties in the parish as well as the Requiem Masses.  We are responsible for the Parish of Saval as well.  I wish again to make the following points:-

  • When a parishioner dies, the funeral undertaker should contact the Parochial House to make arrangements.  The undertaker should not say or indicate who will be celebrating the Funeral Mass.  The Parish, in which the parishioner lives, should also be notified if different from the Parish in which funeral Mass is being celebrated, so that his/her death can be registered.
  • The Funeral Liturgy is totally in the hands of the Celebrant and Newry Parish Funeral Ministry Team i.e. readings, music, offertory procession etc.  Hymns only are acceptable, not secular songs.  The Alleluia, Psalm, Holy, Holy, Holy, the Mystery of Faith, the Great Amen and the Lamb of God should be sung by the musician.  When choosing an organist, guitarist or singer please stipulate this requirement to them. 
  • If there are gifts, other than bread and wine, these should be brought up at the beginning.
  • Eulogies are to be discouraged.  A short post-communion reflection is acceptable.
  • The funeral should arrive at the Church on time – neither too early nor late.
  • No collection boxes are permitted at the Church.
  • Flowers should be taken off the coffin before it enters the Church.  The pall must be placed over the coffin.  The Diocesan policy is that flags must be taken off the coffin before it enters the Church.
  • Sunday funerals are no longer possible in Newry Parish.
  • It would be to our advantage if parishioners would choose the 10.30am Mass in the Cathedral as their Funeral Mass.  Please encourage this.
  • At the end of the Mass the procession should leave the Church once one verse of the final hymn has been sung.

I wish to thank you most sincerely for your co-operation 

Yours sincerely

Very Rev. Canon Francis Brown