Article: Access Denied

Newry Cathedral News

How many times in our lives have we come across this message? How do we react when we are prohibited from entering a place where we wanted to go? We now live in a modern world dictated by passwords, codes, and access numbers. If you forget to enter the right code, password, or numbers you find yourself out in the cold and frustrated at not being able to access the information you want. Even wakening our mobile phones out of standby mode requires a PIN. Going into a bank to access your own savings requires a myriad of numbers, ID checks and passwords.

This is the golden age of the internet, a time of glorious opportunity where information is free and anyone, rich or poor, can download information or exchange their views to the world. But only if you can remember the right access codes. This control of access creates an inequality. Digitalisation in our services offers many benefits for all. However, to navigate this wonderful land on on-line information it requires all to follow formal requirements and adhere to the rules laid down especially those controlling individual access.

Ours is now a code dependant world. Even shopping is now controlled, or as the multi nationals would tell us assisted by data analytics. Via loyalty cards and online data tracking they track our shopping, watch our trends, and bombard us with offers on stuff we don’t want or need. We are reassured that our data is safe because it’s encrypted.

Accessing heaven is a completely different scenario, it is not password protected. There is no need for individual access codes, level 5 security, or passwords. Unlike our modern world where we are controlled, heaven is open access for all and a world of equality.

Unlike our phones, cash cards, back accounts, computer files, burglar alarms and much more there is no individual access codes for getting access to God and heaven. Our deeds, actions, thoughts, and prayers are all we need to bypass the security level to heaven. God did not create a restricted access, wonderful secret, or computer algorithm necessary to gain access he only asked that we follow his word and deed.

As a child I was fascinated when I heard of the gospel message ‘it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to gain eternal life.’ This led to great images in my young head of comparisons and just how big would the needle need to be? Surely those in my mother’s sewing box would be too small. The gospel, message achieved its purpose it got me thinking then and now many years later still thinking about this story

Today’s message is no different accessing eternal life requires us to unburden ourselves of all the unnecessary trappings and falsehoods that we have gathered and follow the teachings of God. Be true to ourselves, listen to the word of God and try to follow his teachings.

How many times have any of you been frustrated when you can’t remember a password or code? We are told to keep updating them regularly in case of online or identity theft. This just leads to confusion, being unable to access information, exclusion and ultimately frustration.

Gaining entrance to heaven is and always has been an open, clearly identified pathway that all can access. God is 24/7, we are never put on hold or through to a call centre when we want to talk with him and there are no call changes or access codes.

Computer software is proprietary and as such incurs a cost to access – God was way ahead of the modern IT world, he designed prayer, religious practice, and heaven on an open-source platform, no call for secrecy or passwords just a simple pathway that is free and open for all to use.

In closing here’s a thought for us all. We all have the access codes for heaven, some may have forgot them or fail to use them. Why not make use of this wonderful knowledge we have and share it with others? The world is changing since the dark days of the Covid-19 pandemic, this change brings opportunity – use this time to reach out and share our spiritual IT knowledge.