Article: Kindness is the greatest Christmas gift

Newry Cathedral News

Kindness is a much-underrated quality with many people thinking it has little place in modern society however my faith in it was restored this week. Very early one morning I went for coffee with a friend in a City centre cafe and we noticed 2 people having a sleep, heads rested on the table. They had obviously been out all night and were taking the advantage of the early morning opening to get a bit of sleep in the heat. The coffee shop manager just ignored them and when we offered to buy them breakfast, she said, don’t worry we look after them every morning. My friend and I were both close to tears at their act of unsung kindness which obviously wasn’t just a Christmas act of charity.

That said, Christmas is a time when we can return to the value of charity and love of one’s neighbour and many of us try to be better people. Pope Francis says,’To live charitably means not looking out for our own interests but carrying the burdens of the weakest and poorest among us’.In the Christmas rush it would be so easy to pass on by and ignore the many people who need a helping hand or a kind word during these dark, cold and sometimes very lonely days.
So, this Christmas here are a few ideas, If you have more than you need then value what you have by, giving some of it away to those who can use it. Starting this practice widens your heart and makes you generous. You will always get more than you give.
If you live with others, it is important to take care of and clean what you use on a daily basis. As Mother Teresa instructed, ‘Wash the dish not because it is dirty, but because you love the person who will use it next’.
Let the people who have guided you and supported you during your life know how much you love and care for them. Do not forget to thank them. Give them a call or pay a visit with a card or pay a visit to their grave.

Call into the Cathedral and visit the beautiful Nativity scene on the altar. Light a candle for someone you know. You could even use the flame from another candle to light yours, that way you join with them in prayer.

Remember Newry Cathedral Parish Giving Tree for SVP is still at the front of the Cathedral.  You can give the gift or toys/ gift vouchers/money to help families in need over the Christmas period.   Due to rising prices many more people are living in poverty and your help will be greatly appreciated. You can place your donations in the church at Mass Times or alternatively leave them in the Parish Office. Above all else, remember it is it giving that you receive.

Christmas is a time to share with others in the joy of the birth of Jesus so take the opportunity to attend one of the many services held in Newry Cathedral Parish.

Christmas Eve

St. Mary’s Church: 7.00pmSt. Brigid’s Church: 7.00pmNewry Cathedral: 8.30pmSt. Colman’s Shinn: 7.00pmSt. Catherine’s: 6.30 pm (children’s Mass) , Midnight

Christmas Day

Newry Cathedral: 9.00, 10.30 (Polish), 12 noonSt. Mary’s Church: 10.30amSt. Colman’s Shinn: 10.30amSt. Catherine’s: 8am, 9.30am, 11am, 12.30

Canon Francis Brown and the clergy of Newry Cathedral Parish would like to wish you all a Holy and Happy Christmas