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A team of volunteers who have been researching the history of Newry Cathedral for many years have launched a new monthly podcast series, ‘Cathedral Chronicles’ on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and seven other leading podcast services.

The team includes the cathedral tour guides Micheál Murphy, Louis Spencer, Desmond McMahon, Edmund Murtagh and Mark Byrne, a doctoral candidate from Queen’s University, who will produce the series. The series will also feature regular guest contributors. The first episode features Newry historian, Anthony Russell.

Each episode will tell the story of the cathedral in short instalments. We’ll meet the people who built it. We’ll discover its works of art from Italian mosaic to German stained glass. We’ll learn about an assassination, fires and bombs that threatened to destroy it.

With the bicentenary of the dedication of the cathedral coming up in 2029, now is the an ideal time to bring together the story of the cathedral in a way that is accessible to as many people as possible. The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them wherever and whenever is convenient.

Mark Byrne

The first two episodes are available now.

Some members of the team behind the podcast. L-R: Desmond McMahon, Louis Spencer, Micheál Murphy, Mark Byrne

In episode 1: we learn about a time when catholic worship in Ireland was restricted and at times even forbidden. We’ll hear how the faithful gathered in the secrecy of the countryside, at the risk of severe punishment, even death, to celebrate Mass together. We’ll discover how, as the repression waned, a period of church-building began that would lead to the construction of a cathedral.

In episode 2: we hear the story of the cathedral architect, Thomas J. Duff. It is a story of great triumph and terrible tragedy.

Because each episode averages at only around twenty minutes in length, it’s an ideal listen for your morning commute or for walking the dog. Our series is available for free to anyone with access to the Internet, on our website or via the ten most popular podcast services.

Mark Byrne

You can listen online for free at the following link:

You will also find links to the series on your favourite podcast app on the same page.

A video documentary from the same team is expected in 2023.

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