Consultation Report: City Regeneration Scheme

Newry Cathedral News

Newry Mourne and Down Council has published the report on the consultation relating to the Newry City Regeneration Scheme.

The consultation was conducted between March and May of this year and the results are only being shared for the first time now.

The actual report begins at page 27 of the document you’ll find via the link below.

We encourage you to take the time to read the report in full. Key findings below.

Click here to download the report

Key findings:

  • Almost 1600 people responded to the online survey with 6160 ‘open comments’ recorded across all of the consultation instruments.
  • Respondents ranked the proposed development at Abbey Way and the cathedral as their lowest priority (12.1%) of the entire regeneration scheme.
  • The general and specific comments received also demonstrate a lack of support for the plan. 46.5% were negative, whilst 45% expressed reservations.
  • Only 45.4% responded positively about the need for a new ‘urban square’.
  • The impact of the proposed development on parking was the greatest reason for objections to this element of the proposal.
  • Only 15.8% of respondents ranked the proposed council offices and civic hub as their highest priority.