Work at St. Mary’s Cemetery

Newry Cathedral News

Work is on-going in the cemetery to try and avoid the flooding of graves which took place last winter. A number of drains are being placed in the graveyard, in the hope that the excess water will be taken away.

Can I appeal to parishioners to put debris taken off graves in the bins provided or better still take it away with you. Can I ask those residents who are putting their household waste in the bins provided in the graveyard to stop. Also, Guide Dogs ONLY permitted in the graveyard.

For those who pay for a double grave its dimensions are nine feet long and six feet wide. Many people have their names down for a grave in St. Mary’s; it is unacceptable for any parishioner to exceed the standard size of a grave.

If any parishioner is planning to erect a headstone for a family member, it is necessary that the contractor doing this work contacts the Parish Office before this work begins. NO parishioner has permission to interfere with the external perimeter wall/fence as the walls are listed.