Clerical appointments in the Diocese of Dromore

Newry Cathedral News

Bishop Philip Boyce, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Dromore, has announced the following appointments within the diocese:

Vicar General

Bishop Boyce has appointed Very Rev. Anthony (Tony) Corr, Parish Priest of Donaghmore and Aghaderg, to the post of Vicar General of the Diocese. Father Corr is a native of Lurgan, Co Armagh, and has served in several parishes of the diocese.

Bishop Boyce stated, “The main role of the Vicar General is to deputize for the bishop in his absence or incapacity. I am delighted to appoint one of the younger clergy, well known for his pastoral dynamism, to this role.”

Fr. Desmond Loughran

Acting Administrator: Newry Parish

Bishop Boyce also announced the that Very Rev. Desmond Loughran, Parish Priest of Dromore, will become acting Administrator of Newry Cathedral Parish.









Read the full statement on the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference website.

Notes to Editors:

  1. Under Canon Law, the bishop of a diocese appoints a senior cleric as his Vicar General. This Vicar General has delegated authority to govern the diocese in the absence of the bishop, for example in periods of the bishop’s absence or ill health. Upon the resignation or death of a bishop, such appointments cease.
  2. As Apostolic Administrator, Bishop Boyce has authority under Canon Law to make such changes and appointments within a diocese to ensure its continuing governance and operations.
  3. Following consultation among the clergy and on his return from the June meeting of the Irish Episcopal Conference, Bishop Boyce, makes these appointments today. He will be making a series of changes over the coming months, in line with his mission to support the diocese in this transition period.
  4. Such appointments made by the Apostolic Administrator will cease with appointment of new bishop by the Holy See.