Covid-19 Support Team Rota

Newry Cathedral News

The Irish Catholic Bishops Conference Framework Document for a return to the public celebration of Mass and the Sacraments calls for the establishment of a Covid-19 Support Team of parishioners ‘to organise preparations and to oversee their implementation and verification.’

Members of this team have volunteered to act as stewards during the initial weeks of reopening. A rota has been agreed. It can be found below.

Important: Please click here to read the guidelines for the resumption of public Masses in Newry Parish.

Volunteers needed

Could you help us with the reopening of the churches? Would you like to join our team of volunteers? Please click here to contact the parish office and advise them that you would like to join the Covid-19 Support Team and we will be in touch shortly. Many thanks. We appreciate your help.

Responsibilities of Church Stewards

The responsibilities of stewards will include:

  1. Being clearly identifiable to all attendees as an usher (delegate badges will be provided to each usher) 
  2. Welcome and receive attendees, in a controlled manner, into the Church building. 
  3. Encourage hand sanitisation on entry
  4. Ensure social distancing is maintained. 
  5. Escort and direct attendees to seating.
  6. Assist with the management of entry and egress points: opening and closing doors as required. 
  7. Assist with pedestrian flow within the building during distribution of Holy Communion and egress. 
  8. Manage the flow of people to keep any queuing to a minimum and maintain social distance both inside and outside the Church building. 

Rota of Church Stewards

Please click here to download the November Rota