Visit of First-class Relic of St. Teresa of Calcutta

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ITINERARY UPDATED: Wednesday, July 26th 11.08pm

Video: Archbishop Eamon Martin announces the tour of the relic of St. Teresa of Caluctta

The Knights of Saint Columbanus in Council 10 Newry are pleased to announce that they have received, from the Missionaries of Charity, a first-class relic of St. Teresa of Calcutta (Formerly known as Mother Teresa).

The council in Newry, in collaboration with other councils of the Knights of Columbanus across Ireland, has arranged a National tour of the relic to facilitate its veneration by the faithful. The itinerary has been organised so that the relic can be venerated in as many Cathedrals as is possible. Click here to follow the progress of the relic on Facebook.

Veneration at Armagh

The first location for its veneration will be from 8th – 10th June 2017 in Armagh Cathedral where the relic will be received by in the Archdiocese of Armagh by the Most Reverend Archbishop Eamon Martin and his Administrator the Rev. Fr Peter McAnenly.

Veneration at Newry

The relic will then visit Newry Cathedral on Saturday 10th June Arriving at 3pm and leaving on Monday 12th June. At the end of the tour, the relic will return to Newry Cathedral, the new permanent home of the relic in Ireland. The Cathedral will remain open on Saturday and Sunday evenings until 10.30pm.

Itinerary for the national tour

N.B. Dates and times are subject to change.


Thursday 8th June arriving at 7.30pm

The relic will be received in the archdiocese by the Most Reverend Archbishop Eamon Martin and his Administrator the Rev. Fr Peter McAnenly.

Saturday 10th June Leaving at 1.00pm


Saturday 10th June Arriving a 3.00pm

The relic will be received by the Most Rev. Bishop John McAreavey and his Administrator Very Rev. Canon Dr Francis Brown. The Cathedral will remain open on Saturday and Sunday evenings until 10.30pm.

Monday 12th June: Confessions from 11.00am until 12noon.  Relic departs at 4.00pm


Monday 12th June: Relic arriving at St. Patricks Church, Donegal Street, at 7.15pm for 7.30pm Mass. Veneration after mass up to 11.00pm

Tuesday 13th June: St. Patricks – Veneration -12.00 noon -1.00pm

Relic Transfers to Corpus Christi Church, Springhill Rise, Belfast:

Mass in Corpus Christi Church at 7.00pm followed by veneration until 9.00pm

Relic returns afterwards to St. Patricks Church

Wednesday 14th June: Veneration in St. Patricks -12.00 Noon- 13.00. After 1.00pm Mass until  3.00pm. Farewell Prayer Service – 3.00pm -4.00pm. At 4.00pm the Relic Departs Belfast


Wednesday 14th June 2017.   Arriving at7.30pm Mass, St. Michael’s Church Enniskillen.

Thursday 15th June 2017.    10.00am Mass at St. Michael’s Church.


Thursday 15th June  7.30pm Mass at Sacred Heart Church,  Strabane


Friday 16th June 2017. 8.00am, 10.00am and 7.30pm Masses at St. Eugene’s Cathedral, Derry.


Saturday 17th June – 6.00pm Mass at St. Malachys Church Coleraine, Co. Derry,

Sunday18th June  – 9.00am & 11.00am Masses at St. Malachy’s Church, Coleraine, Co. Derry,


Tuesday 20th June Arriving at 7.30pm

Thursday 22nd June Leaving at 4.00pm


Thursday 22nd June Arriving at 7.30pm

Saturday 24th June Leaving at 4.00pm


Saturday 24th June Arriving at 7.30pm

Monday 26th  June Leaving at 4.00pm


Monday 26th  June Arriving at 7.30pm

Wednesday28th June Leaving at 4.00pm


Wednesday 28th June Arriving at 7.30pm

Friday 30th June Leaving at 4.00pm


Friday 30th June Arriving at 7.30pm

Sunday 2nd July Leaving at 4.00pm


Sunday 2nd July Arriving at 7.30pm

Tuesday 3rd July  Leaving at 4.00pm


Tuesday 4th July  Arriving at 7.30pm

Thursday 6th July Leaving at 4.00pm


Thursday 6th July Arriving at 7.30pm

Saturday 8th  July Leaving at 3.00pm


Saturday 8th  July Arriving at 6.15pm

Monday 10th July Leaving at 4.00pm


Monday 10th July Arriving at 7.30pm

Wednesday 12th  July Leaving at 4.00pm


Wednesday 12th  July Arriving at 7.30pm

Friday 14th  July Leaving at 4.00pm


Friday 14th  July Arriving at 7.30pm

Sunday 16th  July Leaving at 4.00pm


Sunday 16th  July Arriving at 7.30pm

Tuesday 18th July Leaving at 4.00pm


Tuesday 18th July Arriving at 7.30pm

Thursday 20th  July Leaving at 4.00pm


Thursday 20th  July Arriving at 7.30pm

Saturday 22nd  July Leaving at 4.00pm


Saturday 22nd  July Arriving at 7.30pm

Monday 24th  July Leaving at 4.00pm


Monday 24th  July Arriving at 7.30pm

Wednesday 26th  July Leaving at 4.00pm


In St. Patrick’s Portadown:
Thursday 3rd – Saturday 5th Aug before 12md

In St. John the Baptist Church:
Thursday 3rd – Friday 4th after 7pm Mass

In St. Peter’s, North St., Lurgan from:
Saturday 5th: 7.30pm (vigil Mass) – 9.00pm
Sunday 6th: 7.30am – 3.40pm (prayer service)


Sunday 6th August Arriving at 7.30pm

Tuesday 8th August leaving at 11.30am


Tuesday 8th August arriving at 5.00PM

Wednesday 9th August leaving at 2.00pm


Wednesday 9th August Arriving at  6.30pm At St Brigids shrine

Wednesday 9th August Leaving Shrine at 9.00pm for St Patricks Church Dundalk arriving at 9.30pm

Friday 11th August Leaving Dundalk at 5.30pm


The Relic of St. Teresa will return to the Cathedral on Friday 11th August for the celebration of Mass at 7.30pm.