What does your cathedral mean to you?

Newry Cathedral News

2023 began with essential maintenance work being done to the Cathedral, costing £115,200.00. More work is needed, particularly the pointing on both side exterior walls to keep the damp out. The difficulty is that the damp is causing damage to the beautiful mosaic on the internal walls. At least three of the windows need maintenance to ensure that dampness is controlled. A restoration committee has been formed to assist with obtaining grants for this work. I thank them for their efforts.

Tell us what the cathedral means to you

Given the fact that we will be celebrating the bicentenary of the Cathedral on 21st July 2029, parishioners would want the Cathedral to be looking its best. An application will be made to the National Lottery to carry out this essential maintenance. One of the requirements to obtain this grant is the support of the community. The National Lottery is anxious to find out how significant the Cathedral is to the parishioners of Newry and to the people of the Diocese.

Your help is needed and will be greatly appreciated when we forward the application. Please put into writing what the Cathedral means to you and hand it into the Parish Office.