Article: Dealing with Exam Results 

Newry Cathedral News

The Day of Reckoning: Dealing with Exam Results and an Uncertain Future

‘It’s the worst day of the year – exam results day. As I walk down the hallway of the school towards the Library, my legs feel like jelly and my stomach is doing somersaults. This is the moment I’ve been dreading and anxiously awaiting for weeks. These exam results will determine my future, or so it feels.

I take a deep breath and search for my candidate number on the table. There it is, alongside a list of letters and numbers that hold my fate. I quickly scan the grades…English Literature: C. Maths: D. History: E. My heart sinks. These are not the results I was expecting or hoping for.

The wave of disappointment is overwhelming. How could I have failed so badly? All those hours of studying feel wasted. I think back to the pressure I felt leading up to the exams. The sleepless nights spent cramming. The panic attacks before walking into the exam hall. The crippling self-doubt. If only I had managed things differently, maybe the results would have been better.  

But it’s too late for regrets now. I have to face the hard truth that my exam performance just wasn’t good enough. While my friends are celebrating and high-fiving over their As and Bs, I’m left questioning my abilities and wondering what comes next. I want the ground to open up and swallow me.

Will I still get into uni with these grades? I’m not sure. I may have to reconsider my plans. My teachers told me with hard work I could achieve anything, but right now that feels more like empty encouragement than the truth.

The tears come before I can stop them. It feels like the world is ending, but rationally I know I’m being over-dramatic. This is just a stumble, not the end of the road. I decide not to let this define me. Yes, I’m disappointed, but I refuse to be disheartened. I have so much more inside me.

This is just one set of exams in one period of my life. I am more than just grades on a page. I am smart, talented and capable whether these results reflect it or not. I will take responsibility for what went wrong and learn from the experience, not let it shatter my confidence or sense of self-worth.

There are always options, even if they’re not what I originally envisioned. Perhaps I will re-take some exams next year or explore alternative pathways. I know regardless of it all that I still have the love of my family and they will help me pull through. One way or another, with the help of God, I will bounce back and forge ahead into a bright future. These results do not condemn me to failure – they are merely another challenge to overcome on the road to fulfilling my potential’.